Hand Wash

Eucalyptus & Lemon 

Foaming Hand Wash 8oz  $7.00

This moisturizing, self-foaming hand wash contains gentle castile soap made from olive oil and hemp seed oil and essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon to neutralize odors on hands and leave them silky smooth.

Foaming Hand Wash

Hand Therapy

Velvet Touch Hand Therapy $10.50

Be kind to your hands - When life has left your hands rough, dry and even cracked, bring them back to velvety smooth with this scrub and heavy duty cream set. 

Velvet Touch Hand Therapy

Free Samples

Free Samples


Hand Lotion

Velvet Touch Hand Lotion 8oz $10.00

Touch the world with velvety soft hands. This natural lotion made from flowers is easily absorbed leaving  your hands silky smooth and protected.

Velvet Touch Hand Lotion